miércoles, septiembre 16, 2015


Hi everbody and welcome to DelcaVideography Blog. I can tell if you're here reading this, is because you're starting with CorelDRAW and would like to know deeper about this software and I get that. As you should know, this is the very first of many Corel DRAW's lessons I suggest you to do. Most of my content is in Spanish, which is my mother language, but you can always translate the Closed Caption subtitles within my videos. However, I'm starting to create english content not only to my Blog, but to my YouTube channel and also to my Facebook fanpage.

With the help of this tutorial, you can begin with the very basic Corel DRAW's concepts and practicing with real cases and examples. The first Corel Draw lesson consists of two basic exercises with which you will learn to recognize and use Corel Draw environment and get to know some basic commands for learning progress.

Take the time you require to consolidate everything you have learned in this first stage to continue the training program in basic instance. Feel free to ask whatever you want about it and Happy Learning & Design!

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